Measles still a travel risk: study

measlesinternationaltravel_456pxAccording to travel health experts, travellers remain at risk of contracting measles regardless of the destination. 94 cases of measles from 57 travel and topical medicine clinics on six continents have been reported between 2000 and 2014.

Mark Sotir of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta said that people should definitely be concerned about measles, specifically getting vaccinated against.

CDC recommended that all children by the age of six should have had two doses of measles vaccine, which will be 97-per-cent effective at preventing infection. Evidence of these vaccines should be present for children and adults travelling internationally. Six to eleven month old Infants can receive a dose of the vaccine in case of international travel, and will have a regular vaccine schedule of two more doses after the age of one.

Co-author Dr. Douglas H. Esposito said that measles is a very contagious virus and to be fully vaccinated is the best measure to be protected against it that declining vaccination rates are a “broad public health issue”. He recommends up to date routine vaccinations as well as destination-specific vaccinations such as those for tropical climates.


Doyle, K (2015). Measles still a travel risk: study. theglobeandmail, 13th October, retrieved 29 October 2015, from <>


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